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how dare they try to end this beauty

So, I think 3 or maybe 4 years after recieving the box set as a present, I finally watched all 14 episodes of Firefly.

Huh. Good, ain't it.

I realise it's a remarkably ancient debate, but I can't think why the show got cancelled. Admittedly Objects In Space was imo by far the best episode, but that's why you need to give these things time to get into their stride, I suppose. It's annoying to get into a series already regretful that it's over.

At least I enjoyed Serenity much more this time round, having seen it in cinemas when it first came out. And I was amused to learn that Cockneys have their own planet in the Whedonverse. Did anyone else expect Miranda to be Earth-that-was?

I have also gotten into knitting! Rather, I have made half a scarf and spent two weeks humming and hawing about whether or not to unpick it, knowing it's sort of rubbish. I think I might try and teach myself a few different stiches on lost-cause-scarf, and then hide it somewhere and try something else. I need longer knitting needles. I have fantasies about making giant, horrific jumpers with bunnies on them, for my relatives.


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here come the planes.

The day I started watching the new Terminator series I was ill and bored and not expecting to like it. The day after I had marathonned 9 episoes in one fell swoop and started watching 13 more, ridiculous amounts of sawing and drilling noises started up next door.

I think they're building killer machines.

Not the elderly couple who live on the top floor. The two supposed air hostesses who live downstairs.


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you act like you're hip to their tricks and you're strong.

Hi covet,

covet's birthday is coming up on July 31!

...Nooo shit, sherlock.

I'm going to be spending an enthralling day staring into space, since everyone I know seems to be busy today - even my family. But I'm getting less enamoured with the idea of being another year closer to dead, anyway. It doesn't really matter.

Thank you to the people who sent me e-cards and greetings and drew pictures of frosting related activities and things ♥ ILU. If you posted wishing Harry Potter a happy birthday, consider yourself disowned.

I meant to post earlier, when I was less grumpy, to ask WHO POSTED THAT RPSECRET ABOUT ME. The nice one, not the circlejerk one. I know it was one of you, and it meant a lot, and I really sort of needed it and I'd like to say thanks. I got very lame and ;_; over it, honestly. But, you clearly need to write with more people. But still, <3

I have pictures of baby geese and x-ray departments to post when I finally figure out how to connect my camera to the computer. Until then, that, I think, is it.