russia's greatest love machine (covet) wrote,
russia's greatest love machine

here come the planes.

The day I started watching the new Terminator series I was ill and bored and not expecting to like it. The day after I had marathonned 9 episoes in one fell swoop and started watching 13 more, ridiculous amounts of sawing and drilling noises started up next door.

I think they're building killer machines.

Not the elderly couple who live on the top floor. The two supposed air hostesses who live downstairs.


→ 34 Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles icons (mooostly Cameron & Jesse : some duplicates)
→ comment / credit is appreciated
→ these aren't bases, but let me know if you want something altering and I'll try.
→ please don't hotlink.
→ you have to get out of here, your vagina is haunted.


[1 - 5]

[6 - 10]

[11 - 15]

[16 - 20]

[21 - 25]

[26 - 30]

[31 - 34]
Tags: cameron, death by robot, do i has soul, icons, robot apocalypse, robot overlords, robots, t:tscc
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